Alias Grace

In 2017 I was asked to present a lecture on the types of food referenced in the novel Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. I based the lecture on my experience of cooking two meals on the hearth as referenced in the novel, one for Mr. Kinnear, the wealthy owner of a home, and the other for the Grace and the other servants. The exercise demonstrated how hard a cook had to work in order to keep a household fed, as well as how the food was used to represent class divisions.

The following images are from the powerpoint presentation that accompanied the lecture that shows the cooking of two meals.

Screenshot (17)Screenshot (19)Screenshot (21)Screenshot (22)Screenshot (23)Screenshot (24)Screenshot (25)Screenshot (26)Screenshot (27)Screenshot (28)Screenshot (29)Screenshot (30)Screenshot (31)Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)Screenshot (36)Screenshot (37)Screenshot (38)Screenshot (39)Screenshot (40)Screenshot (41)Screenshot (42)Screenshot (43)Screenshot (44)Screenshot (45)Screenshot (46)Screenshot (47)Screenshot (48)Screenshot (49)Screenshot (50)Screenshot (51)Screenshot (52)Screenshot (53)Screenshot (54)Screenshot (55)Screenshot (56)Screenshot (57)Screenshot (58)Screenshot (59)Screenshot (60)Screenshot (61)Screenshot (62)Screenshot (63)Screenshot (64)Screenshot (65)Screenshot (66)Screenshot (67)Screenshot (68)Screenshot (69)Screenshot (70)Screenshot (71)