At my Leisure

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Learning to plough with a team of oxen.

Museum employees are a strange breed. Many of our leisure activities and pursuits have direct connections to our love of history.  Here are some of the ways I spend my spare time.

WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

I have spent time working on some wonderful farms across Western Canada through WWOOF. I have learned animal husbandry and worked with sheep, cows, pigs and even spent some time on an elk farm.

Elk Farm and a newborn elk. On this farm, I learned that elk can be very aggressive. Newborns had to be located, checked over, and tagged all while trying to deal with an agitated Mama elk.


I belong to two historic dance troops. The Durham Regency Dancers do English Country Dancing, also known as Regency Dance. The dances date to the late 18th and early 19th century.  (Think Jane Austen Movies). I am the main caller for the group. We have performed at a few events including TIFF in the Park and City of Toronto Museums.

I also dance with “Stepping in Time”, a Victorian Dance troop that performs dances of the Victorian Era with a focus on Civil War era repertoire.

Regency Dancing at Tiff


If you dance, you need costumes. The dress is just the beginning, what is worn under the dress is just as important, as is footwear, accessories, hairstyles and hats and bonnets. Costuming is time-consuming and expensive, but when everybody in your group puts in the effort, the visual splendor is wonderful.


The people I call friends love to picnic. But not just any sort of picnic, we love to do costumed picnics.

…and other pursuits

A Few of My Favourite Things